To Contribute

To Contribute

Wil je hier nog wat algemene tekst? Zodat je ook kan verwijzen naar de algemene crowdfunding?

Suggest A Title
Sweet Ambassador….

You are our ideal ambassador if you have a great idea for a book or dvd for the Sanaa Collection in Lamu.

Why would you be important enough to us?

You may be a Kenyan artist, an Indian scholar with knowledge of the culture of the region. You are an art buyer in Dubai or South Africa, A diasporic cultural producer in London or Amsterdam, You happened to see a movie on environmental questions in the East African Region. You know a lot about other libraries… You know books dvds materials about issues that are important to East africa. It’s history, it’s future. It’s diaspora, it’s arts and crafts.

Adopt A Book
Hello sponsor!
It is great that you want to give us financial support and let us with our network decide what titles the collection should be purchasing. Your support will be used to buy books and other materials and to get them to the library in Lamu and to make sure the books find readers too. We will keep you informed about our progress.
Become a reading buddy
Dear reader,
Did you know that you can order the mobile library of Lamu, the Mkokoteni Maktaba Mtaani, a sisterproject of Lamu Maktaba ya Sanaa to come to your school or festival with a lot of books from our collection? Did you know we organize reading and drawing events? Just call us or email us. Of course you know that you can pass buy at Lamu Fort and read our books or borrow any material dvd or book if you are a member. At this site you can check out what books are already available in our collection and what material will be there in the future.