On the Singer

Halidi is a taarab singer with a lot of fame in Lamu.
He was invited to perform a special song during the Symposium on Maktaba ya Sanaa in Lamu Fort in november 2018. He composed a song with the title: Hakika sanaa zetu sisi twaibunia ( our arts for sure are invented by us)

Na sanaa za ufundi sanaa wala twaibunia ——————-Sanaa za seremala kwanza taba tabia
imeleta kwa manufaa kote tunafuharia———————–milango letu la ala ksina wambia
ni hebu popote pale patia wala wanalofanya—————-za madirisha aula kwa yote dunia
Hakika zetu sanaa ni sisi tuafurahia————————-Hakika sanaa zetu sisi twaibunia

And the arts designed by the craftsmen———————–The art of the carpenters is what we for starters consider our craft
they bring useful things everywhere that we enjoy ———-Our doors by special tools (..?)
it is liked wherever it is given or where it is made———of the windows better fitting for all, we design them
Our arts for sure it is us who invented them—————–Our arts for sure it is us who invented them*

*We invite anyone to correct the words or the translation we offer here.