Germans on the Kenyan Coast by Nina Berman

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“Diana, a coastal town on the Indian Ocean, is significantly defined by a large European presence that has spurred economic development and is also supported by close relationships between Kenyans and European immigrants and tourists. Nina Berman looks carefully at the repercussions that these economic and social interactions have brought to life on the Kenyan coast. She explores what happens when poorer and less powerfull members of a community they are forced to give way to profit-based real extate development, what it means when most of Diani’s schools and water resources are supplied by funds from immigrants and what the impact of mixed marriages is on the notions of kinship and belonging as well as the economy. This unique story about a small Kenyan town also recounts a wider tale of opportunity, oppression, resilience, exploitation, domination, and accomodation in a world of economic, political, and social change.”


Influence of Westerners on Coastal economics through landowning, charity funding and mixed realtionships

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William Cunningham Bissel



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