Globalizing Kenyan Culture by Margaretta H. Swigert

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“Read, just read. Then find people to ask questions. For now, just read.!”¬†Wambui Kamiru Collymore on Facebook 10 August 2017

Margaretta H. Swigert, who every artlover in Nairobi knows as Margaretta wa Gacheru, moved to Kenya a long time ago as a student from the United States. She didn’t leave but stayed to study, write about and promote Kenyan art in Kenya and abroad. The art-scene in Nairobi is on the rise but was stil quiet when Margaretta arrived.

Recommended by: James Njoroge

James Njoroge Nairobi based artist known for his witty and politically inspired collages recommended Margaretta’s Thesis for the Sanaa collection. The book is not yet available in print, so we copied the book from the link on Loyola University Chicago site.


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