Jewelry Making by Augustus F. Rose and Antonio Cirino

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Slim Silver was a famous silversmith in Lamu. Het died in 2020. He designed new jewelry inspired by original regional design from the Islands in the region like Pate. Sometimes they are exact copies. In his shop you may find evidence of important clients that were his customers, including royalty and Hollywood stars. There were mayny pictures on the wall with Slim photographed together with these customers.

The owner was always looking for new interns. Young people that want to learn to be a silversmith. But beware! He was critical about talent and especially harsh on unmotivated or lazy students.

Slim donated this important handbook on making jewelry to Maktaba ya Sanaa. He has no further need for it, he said, since he knows everything in it. He hoped the book inspires a new generation. A couple of month after his donation, Slim left this earth definitely.

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