Our Kind of Polygamy by David G. Maillu

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“Is poligamy moral? Should the church marry and bless polygamists? Should Europe and America legalize poligamy? What really is the African’s honest opinion of polygamy?”

David Maillu is the nestor of Kenya African literature, and here provocatively discusses these issues. He considers the relevance of polygamy in modern society (be it of 1988) from historical, ethical, traditional, economic, biblical and psychological standpoints.

In the 70-ties David Maillu published a load of poems, novellas and pamphlets adn had his own publishing house Comb Books. Designing even the covers and IBM Type set. The house was very popular. Maillu introduced a sexy, critical writing style. His luck changed after 1976 when Tanzania banned his work and wars killed the markets for books in other neighbouring countries. Today Maillu is very active on Facebook and the internet, the present medium for DIY publishing, and still controversial and critical as ever. (davidmaillu.com)

“What disturbs me is that there is a loud campaign  (..) from the West telling African how primitive a menace polygamy is. One could as well wonder aloud: when out there homosexuals and lesbians are promoting their right aggressively, yet yelling insults to us, why are our polygamists taking the beating lying down instead of storming into streets to demonstrate ?”(Blog march 2017)



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